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Types of Facial Sheet Masks

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facial sheet mask material and types

As the market kept growing, innovations kept happening too and different types of products hit the market.

We would like to divide facial sheet mask types into 3 categories and take a deep dive in each:

  • Sheet Material
  • Sheet Shape
  • Sheet Mask Formulation

Sheet Material

The material of the sheet probably has the biggest impact on how the product feels on the skin.

Below are 3 commonly used sheet materials:

  • Cotton/Microfiber/Rayon/Lyocell (Nonwoven fabrics)
  • Hydrogel
  • Biocellulose

Cotton/Microfiber/Rayon/Lyocell (Nonwoven fabrics)

These are the most commonly used materials on the list. All 4 are plant-derived and quite easy on the skin, as they are not known to cause any inflammation. Their biodegradability is also another positive.


This is a relatively rare material with a lot fewer products and users. Simply put, they are skin-care ingredients made into the shape of a mask by jellifying and they melt in hot water. Although there are full-face hydrogel masks, it is more common to see eye masks.


Biocellulose is a natural fiber that is derived from coconuts and it is known for its strong affinity to water. Its hydration and adhesion properties are second to none.

Biocellulose masks used to be very popular in the past but they are far from being widely used today as their high prices make them a tough sale.

Sheet Shape

There are many different shapes of facial sheet masks. We think they could be divided into 3 categories:

  • 2D Masks
  • 3D Masks
  • Separate Masks

2D Masks

These make are basically flat like regular paper when spread and have no three-dimensional structure. As they are the cheapest options, vast majority of the products in the market consist of 2D Masks.

3D Masks

These are masks with a three-dimensional structure based on the human face. They have better adhesion than 2D masks yet price is considerably higher, which is why they are a lot less common in the market.

Separate Masks

These are masks divided into different parts of the face. Their biggest advantage is the ability to apply different ingredients to different parts of the face. On the other hand, they are expensive to manufacture and also less convenient from the user’s perspective.

Sheet Mask Formulation

We talked about materials up until this point. Facial sheet masks also have different formulations and effects. the following are the 3 main categories of sheet mask formulations:

  • Whitening Sheet Masks
  • Firming Sheet Masks
  • Moisturizing Sheet Masks

Whitening Sheet Masks

These are sheet masks with formulations containing whitening ingredients such Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C derivatives, Arbutin, etc.

Firming Sheet Masks

Retinoid, Peptides, Alpha-Lipoic Acid are some examples of ingredients used in these formulations. The main purpose of these masks is to firm and lift the skin.

Moisturizing  Sheet Masks

As a matter of fact, all sheet masks have a moisturizing effect but these formulations focus mainly on it. Ceramides, Collagens, and Hyaluronic Acid are often used as main ingredients.

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